We guarantee the lowest rates for calls in USA and abroad.

For all calls:
  • No monthly fee, no connection charges, no additionall fees!
  • The same rates for companies and for personnals
  • Direct dial
  • Rates are the same NON-STOP 24 hours, seven days a week, working days and holldays.
  • Within USA only 4 c/min!
Any customer, who wants to keep his current long distance company, can use our service through the our dial around number 1-800-709-3304 Calling this way rates are the same.
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    JST Special Offer  
Serbia 6.9 c/min
Montenegro 8.9 c/min
Greece 4.9 c/min
Croatia 4.9 c/min
Bosnia & Herzegovina 11.9 c/min
Slovenia 6.9 c/min
Macedonia 6.9 c/min
USA 3.9 c/min
Germany 3.9 c/min
Canada 3.9 c/min
England 3.9 c/min
Poland 3.9 c/min
Bulgaria 6.9 c/min
Italy 6 c/min
French 3.9 c/min
Australia 4.9 c/min
Russia (Moscow) 3.9 c/min
Russia 3.9 c/min
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    Calling Card
  For all customers who are often out of their homes, on the business trip or vacation we are offering our popular Calling Card. Subscribe!

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