About us  
  We guarantee the lowest rates for calls in USA and abroad.

For all calls:
  •  No monthly fee, no connection charges, no additionall fees!
  •  The same rates for companies and for personnals
  •  Direct dial
  •  Rates are the same NON-STOP 24 hours, seven days a week, working days and holldays.
  •  Within USA only 6 c/min!
Any customer, who wants to keep his current long distance company, can use our company services through the special number 1010… Calling this way rates are the same.

Cell phone service is now available.
For customers who doesn't have regular phones, or very often away from their homes, now can use our service from cell phones for same price and conditions like a regular phone.... Call us for more info...

For all customers who are often out of their homes, on business trip or vacation we are offering our popular Calling Card.

You can open any toll free number like 1-888-800-877 by your choice. Rates are the same as regular calls. Don't waste your time and money.

Call us today!

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